I was walking around my neighborhood today, unseasonably warm at 78 degrees, when I suddenly stopped. I looked around and saw a ton of people wearing sunglasses, eating ice cream, and generally being happy just to be outdoors. And then it occurred to me: I still needed a 1099 form from a job to file my taxes this year.

Before that, I followed a recipe from TV’s Bobby Flay. In it he wrote to poach chicken. My friend suggested that poached chicken was gross, and I should grill it instead. If you know Bobby Flay at all through his shows, cookbooks, or restaurants, you’d know that if he had one heating element to cook with for the rest of his life, it’d be a grill. If he had twelve heating elements, they’d all be grills. For him to say a recipe called for poached chicken was to say it through gritted teeth. If there’s one person who wouldn’t want to recommend poaching, it’s Flay. So when he tells me not to grill something, I’m going to listen.